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August 15-18, 2013


Why we are here on the web?

We exist to inform and educate on a lifestyle that we find has been gaining interest and acceptance in the population at large. While some enjoy these activities as an entertainment or recreation, many live it daily in as full a way as their particular life allows. We judge no one here and offer what information we might to aid you in your journey. If you have suggestions, feel free to email us. Privacy Policy

While we no longer co-host regular events in the area, we do strive to inform you of ALL events in the local area that you might find of interest. Since we do not directly host or have any control over any aspect of these events, we accept no responsibility nor provide no warrantee. We don't plan on hosting any events of our own in the foreseeable future, but will be providing the first person kind of critiques of existing events that will help you decide who to visit. We are also planning on attending some national events and will be reporting on those as well. We are currently interested in hearing from those who have attended events all over the world, so that we might share that information and help you explore with more awareness. Feel free to write your critique and email it to us. If you have an event you wish to promote, inform us so that we might inform our community.

We hope to benefit you.

Another area we wish to explore is the online training format of tutorials on different lifestyle skills. You will see those being added in coming months. If you have something to offer, we hope you will step forward with it. We do not claim to be the authority on anything, just a community of people sharing what we do know. I hope you will chose to journey with us and learn with us.

Feel free to share our website with anyone you know that might be interested. As we grow, it will help everyone.

Yours in Life, Love and Leather,
Do as thou wilt because men that are free, of gentle birth, well bred and at home in civilized company possess a natural instinct that inclines them to virtue and saves them from vice. This instinct they name their
honor." ("La Vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel" by 16th century novelist, François Rabelais.)

BD/SM And Fetish CommunityBDSM & fetish community for kinksters by kinksters. (This is my personal favorite)



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